Monday, July 20, 2015

School Board Vacancy - Sub-district #4: West Central

Urbana School District #116 Board of Education has received a letter of resignation effective July 17, 2015 from Board Member Elaine Gehrmann.  Ms. Gehrmann serves as Board member from Sub-district #4 (West Central).  Ms. Gehrmann was elected to the Board of Education in April of 2009, and she has been an active member of the school board.  In addition to serving on several Board Committees, Ms. Gehrmann served on the Board's negotiating team in 2012 and 2015.  Board Member Gehrmann was recognized for her service to USD116 at the June 18 Business Meeting.  The Board of Education is accepting applications from eligible community members to fill this vacancy from August 18, 2015 until the next election in April, 2017.   

The mission of Urbana School District 116, a multicultural community committed to educational excellence, is to ensure that all learners acquire knowledge, develop skills, and build character to achieve personal greatness and help create a better global society, by providing innovative, comprehensive programs, respecting individual learning styles and cultural differences, and fostering caring and nurturing relationships, while engaging each student, every family and the entire community.

The school board is accepting applications from eligible community members. 

At a minimum, the Board uses election qualifications, that is, a candidate must meet the following:
• Be a United States citizen.
• Be at least 18 years of age.
• Be a resident of Illinois and the District (and Sub-district #4) for at least one year immediately preceding the appointment.
• Be a registered voter.
• Not be a child sex offender.
• Not hold another incompatible public office.
• Not have a prohibited interest in any contract with the District.
• Not hold certain types of prohibited State or federal employment.

The eligible community member must live and have resided in Sub-district #4 for at least one year prior to August 18, 2015. 

Sub-district 4 (West Central)
Beginning at the corner of Green Street and Wright Street, thence north on Wright Street to Church Street, thence southeasterly on Church Street to Romine Street, thence northerly on Romine Street to Church Street, thence easterly on Church Street to Goodwin Avenue, thence south on Goodwin Avenue to University Avenue, thence east on University Avenue to Gregory Street, thence south on Gregory Street to Main Street, thence east on Main Street to Grove Street, thence south on Grove Street to Washington Street, thence west on Washington Street to Busey Avenue, thence north on Busey Avenue to Green Street, thence west on Green Street to the point of beginning.  Please click here for a copy of the Board of Education Sub-district Map.

Interested applicants should be review the Board of Education policy manual in general and specifically, 2:20, Powers and Duties of the School Board; 2:80, Board Member Oath and Conduct; 2:82, Board Agreement; 2:100, Board Member Conflict of Interest; 2:105 Ethics and Gift Ban; and 2:120, Board Member Development. Additional information regarding the Board of Education’s priorities, activities, and issues can be found on the district website:

In order to apply for this vacant position, please submit to the Board of Education’s Recording Secretary, Ms. Lori A. Johnson, a Vacancy Application (available on the district website or by request), a current resume, and a letter that explains why you are interested in the Urbana School District #116 Board of Education position.  Application materials may be submitted electronically to or paper copies may be hand delivered or mailed to:

Ms. Lori A. Johnson, Recording Secretary
Urbana School District #116 Board of Education
205 North Race
Urbana, IL  61801

Complete applications must be received by 4PM on Friday, August 7, 2015.