Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Report to the Board of Education - June 21, 2016

Superintendent’s Report to
Urbana School District #116
Board of Education
June 21, 2016

Board Meetings on YouTube
Remember that all Board Meetings are broadcast live on UPTV, Channel 6. They are also posted on the USD116 YouTube Channel within a few days of the meeting.

Elementary Physical Education Teachers
While we did not have this issue on the agenda for tonight’s Board of Education meeting, it is still a top priority for the administration.  The current Illinois Budget Impasse has created a situation of uncertainty unlike any other in the school district’s history.  I am optimistic that the budget stalemate in Springfield will be resolved before the start of the school year.  If there is a K12 Budget passed in Springfield before the start of the school year, we might bring this issue to the Board in August.  We know that there are qualified applicants in our local pool, and we are capable of implementing an elementary PE schedule with licensed teachers very quickly, upon board approval.  

State Budget Impasse
The Budget Impasse in Springfield has already had a negative effect on our students and families.  We have seen the closure of social service and partner organizations that support schools, students, and families.  Public education is a positive economic driver and the state needs to accept its constitutional responsibility for having primary responsibility to fund public education.  If the state takes primary responsibility, provides adequate funding, and reduces inequities, the entire state benefits from the investment in our students.  Our local legislators, Senator Scott Bennett and Representative Carol Ammons, have been very supportive of public education.  I encourage people to contact their elected representatives in Springfield and encourage them to support adequate and equitable funding solutions for public education to support our students.  

Even if the State of Illinois is not meeting its primary responsibility, the education of all our students is our primary mission.   Despite fiscal and political forces that are beyond our control, USD116 will continue to be good stewards of public dollars.  

Urbana schools will open as scheduled in August.  We will continue to provide an outstanding, comprehensive education for every student.  We will constantly evaluate the situation in Springfield and keep our students, families, staff, and community informed about how the budget impasse might impact all of us as we move through the school year.  

Centralized Registration
This summer, Centralized Registration will be held at Urbana Middle School
Wednesday - July 27- 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Thursday - July 28 - 12:00 (Noon) to 7:00PM

Additional information about registering for school can be found on the district website: