Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week - Please Thank a Teacher!

Teachers are amazing, and the teachers in Urbana School District #116 are the most amazing teachers I know.

This weekend I spoke do dozens of parents, former and current students, and members of the community, who were at events like the UMS and UHS musical productions (which were both amazing!). Each of the people I spoke to talked about how blessed they feel to live, work, or attend school in a district where the teachers do so much to support the students. As educators in this community, your contributions are noticed by more people than you realize. The work that each of you do as educators and support professionals has lasting impacts that shape students lives.

Thank you for all that you do help each student achieve his or her personal greatness. Your dedication, compassion, and perseverance are motivating and inspiring to me. I am honored and humbled to work with such dedicated educators.

Please take some time to make sure a teacher that has meant something to you or your child gets some extra appreciation!

Thank you,