Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Countdown to the 2017 Solar Eclipse!

Countdown to the 2017 Solar Eclipse!

We are less than 12 days away from a total solar eclipse!  Yes, that is August 21, 2017!  Yes, that is the first Monday of school for school for students, and the second day of school for most students in USD116!  Yes, August 21 is a regular attendance day for students!  :^)

Urbana, Illinois falls within the 90-95% coverage area of the total eclipse!  It will be an amazing experience for people living in East Central Illinois.  Every USD116 student and staff member will be provided with safety glasses for viewing the eclipse safely.  Individual buildings are working on special schedules in order to afford students and teachers the experience of viewing the eclipse.

We would like to thank Dr. Dave Leake at the Parkland College Staerkel Planetarium and Dr. Leslie Looney from the University of Illinois Department of Astronomy who have both been amazing partners in providing educational opportunities and professional development to our students and teachers over the past year!  We are excited about experiencing this amazing event with our students!

I would encourage all educators, students, family members, and community members to visit the following websites to learn more about the eclipse: